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Spy Island In Poptropica

Head to Spy Island in your balloon and run to the right and go into the Hq building. Jump up to the top and soon you see a person wearing a white jacket and bow-tie. This is Director D, the head of your secret agent firm. He will give you a special Decoder Kit.

Depart the Head office and dash down Main Street to the right. Go into the Spyglass Eyewear shop. Go left and speak with the man standing close to the eye chart. Ask him to provide you with an eye examination. When you take the exam, choose the complete opposite symbol than what he points to. By selecting the exact opposite ones, you're providing him the secret signal letting him know you are a secret agent. He will leave and let you know to meet him above the store.

Go outside the exit and then jump up on the exterior of the building. There is a small doorway in the upper left. Go inside it. Talk to the eye exam person right here and he'll tell you that he's the scientist for secret operations. He'll give you a valuable item which he recently created: the chameleon suit. Just put this suit on and you will blend into the background if you are standing still. Leave this room and run left through Main Street. Go to the Docks.

When you arrive at the docks, start making your way up to the top onto the roof. Avoid the guards by standing still. With the chameleon suit on, you'll blend completely into the background whenever you're standing still in one spot and the guards will walk right past you. Run across the roof until you reach a small doorway. Then go inside.

Go through all the floors inside this area with the same basic approach. You can avoid the dogs whenever you stand still. Upon arrival at the bottom, look for the opening at the top of a little room and drop down into it. One of your fellow secret agents is lying on the floor, tied up with rope. Click on him to set him free. He'll give you a tool that you can use later in the mission. It's a laser pen that cuts cleanly through metal objects. And before he runs away he'll give you another item: a satellite clue card. Jump up and go out the way you came. When you're back out of the room on the bottom floor, run to the right and soon you'll find the exit. Then go through and you'll be back out on the docks. Next return to Main Street by going to the right.

Run right through Main Street to Balding Avenue. Then keep going until you get to the B.A.D. Bistro. If you're still wearing your chameleon suit, it will automatically be removed when you enter. Run through the restaurant past the B.A.D. operatives at the table and go into the kitchen. Speak with the cook and then apply for a job at the restaurant.

To get the job, you'll need to pass a test. In this test, the chef will point to different items with his spoon and you need to remember the order in which he pointed to all of them. Once you finish the test, you get the job and a special chef's hat. Equip the new hat. Then go back out to the table and talk to the B.A.D. operatives. One of them will ask you fill up his glass. He'll hand over his wine glass to you and you can see that it has a fingerprint on it. Return to the kitchen and then leap up above the stove where you'll find an opening. Leap across the lights hanging down to cross back over the restaurant area without the B.A.D. operatives seeing you leave with the glass. Once you get to the last light, jump back down to the floor and quietly exit the bistro.

After you go outside, head to the right and you'll soon find a man hiding in the bushes. Talk to him and he'll give you a folder called File X. Click on your backpack icon and find the file. Click examine. Move the papers so that only the first row of letters is visible. It reveals a secret message!

Don't Trust Director D

Uh-oh! May Director D be considered a double agent? We will soon discover. Continue running directly to Toupee Terrace. You'll arrived at a house using an security alarm on every one of the windows. Keep while avoiding the lights that switch on getting up the windows and area ledges. And soon you reach the ceiling go completely up advertising across the residence. In the very top a grate is there. Select it and make use of the laser pencil to cut the metal bars get inside.

Once inside the loft, walk towards you'll and the left find another other representative tiedup. Select him to release him. He'll provide you with a particular merchandise: a grappling bow tie, one of the best products in Poptropica. From building easily using this link, you're able to move. A lot like Spiderman. He give you another piece of the Satellite Indicators. Return back beyond your basement and jump down. Then-head left back to Balding Opportunity.

Put-on your grappling bow tie and stay next to the person in camo who gave the record to you to the rack. Then click the bowtie image while in the lower-left corner of your monitor. Goal straight up. The bow tie should hook considerably above and bring up you to a warning that points towards the rooftop. Press it to head-up there.

Jump-up towards the surface of the ceiling and stand around the advantage that is very over around the left. Click on the bow-tie again and aim at about a 30 degree direction to the remaining. The bow-tie must attach to the radio tower with reddish lights on it. You are going to leap all the way . It may be tricky to terrain about it cleanly, so if you overlook, only keep making use of your bow tie to obtain yourself for the top of the radio structure. Once there, strive your bow-tie you ought to end-up on another glass rooftop and out to the right at about a 20 degree angle. There's a metal air-vent up here. Click it on to get inside.

Today you're in a huge greenhouse. Function for the far-right, where you may view a that is bomb pine with a large cherry bomb growing in it. Go through the cherry blast to produce it drop. The blend starts, therefore up quickly and press it onto the plant's very best towards the left nearby. This is a spring vegetable and it surely will shoot the cherry up onto the podium above. Utilize your bow tie to jump up there after it. Till it drops down push the cherry blast again for the remaining. Then push it to the next vegetable and abide by it up. Where another other adviser is being held hostage now press it facing the entranceway to some crate. Watch for the blast to burst and eliminate the doorway then click on the agent inside. She will give the remaining piece of the satellite indicators along with some ultra vision glasses to you. Then she will be taking off.

Put-on the extra vision glasses and drop-down to the left and quit the greenhouse. Bounce down and off towards the right until you land on a lawn in Balding Path. Brain to Toupee Rooftop and function past the home with the security sensors. Move entirely towards the right through a hole in a fencing having a signal saying that it's the B.A.D. control center.

This spot has a group of lasers that you might want to avoid by moment your moves across. First get completely to the right then rise the slanted aspect of the building. You will get into a shifting program, jump on it and go to the left onto another platform that moves from left to right. This component is type of difficult. Bounce again to some other up/ then up to the podium and down platform to the left above. There exists a doorway there using a fingerprint reader. You will use that to put inside since you've the wine glass with all the fingerprint onto it.

While avoiding the lasers until you get to a software with computers jump-up. You'll be caught in the crate after which Representative D save you and will come out. He'll request you to obtain the teleporter working. Use the satellite indications and position each hint along with eachother. They'll spell a signal: LASER HAIR REMOVAL out. Enter these three words once to the computer. The teleporter can start and then Director CHEMICAL will step inside. Follow him.

Manager N will show two points: one, heis wearing a toupee and two, he's behind the B.A.D. organization. He's a double agent afterall! He's got control of his satellite back and programs to vaporize the hair. He'll step inside then some mini and his rocket -robot programs will appear out from the wall.

Today it's time to test your bow tie grappling hook capabilities towards the max! Your purpose is always to attract the tiny-spiders into the gold strength spheres located around the space. The primary two are not actually difficult since they're on the ground. Because they're up large, another two are difficult. The goal is to spot oneself on the other side of the sphere in the mini-robot. It'll go on a straight-line to have you-but electrocute itself when it gets on the world. While all of the little-bots are ruined, Manager N employs you in his rocket satellite point. Using the same process, make an effort to get his ship to hit to the limit many times while preventing him. Once his vessel fails up, he'll surrender and be put in prison. You've acquired the medallion and accomplished the area. Amazing work, agent!

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