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Reality Tv Island Is Here On Poptropica

The new Poptropica mission, Reality TV Island, was published. It is presented right now for early access pass holders, which means paid members. Anyone that is definitely not a paid subscriber needs to wait around until March 24 to play the brand-new island. If you will be not a member you can still watch many of the walkthrough videos on the Web which present how in order to do everything to solve the island. Reality TV island is rather different from all the other Poptropica islands.. It has two parts. The first part is like other quests and you must figure out how to get an application together so that you can star on the upcoming season of the reality TV show. After you solve it you get to be on the show. The show is a big series of special competitions where you take on famous Poptropicans like Black Widow and Betty Jetty and try to win each event. You try to win each of the competitions and when you place first you are immune from being voted off. But if you lose, you can get voted off and you'll have to start over on a new season. If you win the whole contest then you get the medallion and beat the island. A good thing about this island is that you will be able to replay the season if you lose and there are a large amount of different events to play in so it's different each time.

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