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A Collection Of Important Star Wars: Commander Help And Techniques

Star Wars Commander is a new iOS/Android game developed by LucasArts that plays a lot like Clash of Clans. Here are a few amazing Star Wars: Commander Cheats for beginners.

1. Take Advantage of Your 1st Few Days of Immunity Against Player Attacks

One of the first things about Star Wars: Commander, you will notice that there's a live player vs. player part of the game. Since you won't have the troops or resources needed to assault/defend yourself, the game gives you a couple days of resistance. Use this protective time period to eventually become more knowledgeable about the single-player aspects of the game.

Notice that once you attack someone during your resistance period, that will instantly remove your protection that is timed. And if you are prepared to purchase some timed protection, you must always cop the 1-week protection boost.

2. The Empire Troops May not Be stronger, But they've use of Extra Unit Transports

When choosing which side to play as (the Empire or the Rebels), note that you'll have use of exactly the same infantry kinds with different appearances naturally. You will reach train and apply the help of rocket launcher equipped soldiers heavy machine gunners, snipers and much more.

Notice that the Rebels are the more powerful of the sides you will get to pick from. They have access to extra unit conveyances, even though the Empire is a bit poorer.

3. On Updating Your Research Facility As Much as Possible, focus

Among the buildings you need to concentrate your efforts that are updating on is the Research Facility. A powerful Research Facility leads to your own troops (leveled all and up) getting even more powerful. For example, training stormstroopers within your Barracks and then researching your troops will make them super reliable.

4. Build Up A Healthy Amount of Barracks

Your Barracks are wanted in order to train your troops. Build lots of Barracks up and make them a top priority of building to upgrade the most on your list. Doing so may result in your troops much faster and also the larger amount of troops at a time can be trained by you.

5. Towards Utilizing Your Starship Command Airstrikes the Best Methods

Once you unlock the starship order, you'll find a way to work with airstrikes for more rapid and greater levels of damage. Your very best bet using the airstrikes is to you either take resource buildings out or take out the firearms. Or, if you're actually trying hard to go for metals, unleash your air stripes around the enemy headquarters so that it is very easy to take out.

6. Upgrade Your Credit Vault a Short Ton, Too

Another building upgrading is focused on by you is the credit vault. You'll need to stash all that cash and those crystals you'll be amassing as time goes on. This also goes for your alloy depot.

7. Keep Your Foundation Clean and you will Be Granted Some Crystals for the Troubles

This hint's quite simple - ensure you clean all of the junk and stone stacks off you've littered around your base. Ensure that you'll earn some extra crystals and your droids do all this dirty work. Whole missions and log-in with Facebook to nab some more crystals also.

Make sure to complete any storyline missions with three stars. This achievement will gift you with some crystals also.

8. Defend Your More Significant Buildings and Use Your Less Significant Buildings to Defend Against Strikes
Star Wars Commander

You need to allow it to be a top priority to offer up some walls around your buildings that are important, such as credit vault and your alloy depot. That also goes for your sets of headquarters. If there is any building you are willing to give for the greater good, you then should use them to encircle the margin all around your better buildings.

Don't forget to place some turrets near your defensive walls and constructing fortresses live players do not get too close to your buildings that are cherished.

9. The Smartest strategies to Approach

Once you are ready to take on a live player, you should ensure you've got a worthy quantity of troops and resources before you head into conflict. You need to make once a habit to take out their gun turrets ASAP, it the live player battle begins. Then make sure should their defensive walls happen to get any, you tear down them. Once you have done this all, focus your attention on knocking down their buildings and depleting their resources.

You should also make this resource a top priority to tear down, if the live player you're taking on includes a shield generator. During these player skirmishes that are live, you should place your selected heroes to work as much as possible. You might as well focus on beating those much weaker players that are live down.

10. Try to Build More of all of Your Resource Generators Up At a Time

You can build several resource generators in a time up so that they can produce circuits and more alloy:

You are able to upgrade your resource generators to produce credits and more alloy, but you could also build greater than one with respect to the degree of your headquarters. Building greater than one troop transport is especially significant when later missions start comparing you against large amounts of enemy soldiers.

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