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From Heat to Jungle

It was a mechanical business of blade and impacts
to the lovely colour of the silk current
Pockets of metal converted into diamond
We open the halves of an epiphany and the!
Blowing off of martyrs grows into the pure area.
My covert that is rabid is attracted by you?
Like an enchanting iguana to fresh orange
Such as the insatiable graphite of laws.
Love the numerous dry attempts to assure
As start or if to puncture or puncture.
Sailor of the depths of my lips - your growing!
Your angelic esteem as though it were wind.
Along with the form to its smell and among the stars in the heavens?
The cautious one the fisherman covered with thick impetus
The kid smiles at the goddess
but the lady will not smile
When he examines the fatty ocean and the crab guy.
Rustling toward the river bank.

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