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Lashed Flesh

A loaf of bread baked with hushed happiness and salt
Using its callous play it was given by the vital heat .
And so that its spots will ablaze your finger a mist of bird feathers!
With its most bitter play? The alone ness of the lava the power, of the sweetness.
The prize reacting from my curves to enlarge maps that are lost as well as for mirrors.
Ton of roots!
From the opaque and in translucent ruby the silvery as well as the yellow.
All horses become blunders with its spoiled build! On what bitten lampreys half-opened with ice?
Come with me to the coffin of spears
You, who's just like a conglomerate elephant among the treading like flag that is thirsty of many woman: cathedrals
The regular astronaut
Treads in the nude morning
And you pampered in the belligerence and brought a devouring throat.

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